Interregional non-profit organization
for the development of cultural innovations

Our Philosophy and Activities

Our organization supports projects aimed at preserving and expanding the cultural heritage of our country. We will be glad to cooperate in a variety of areas!


The golden ratio plays an important role in art, especially in architecture and painting. In architecture, the golden ratio can be used to create harmonious proportions in buildings and structures. In painting it can be used to create harmonious compositions.
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The golden ratio has many uses in science. One of the most famous uses of the golden ratio in science is the Fibonacci distribution. Thus, the golden ratio has many applications in science, helping to better understand nature and develop new theories.
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The Golden Ratio can help to better understand ecosystems and nature in general, which can lead to the development of more effective environmental conservation practices
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About Us

Our goal is to create a public platform for innovation and bringing together people who share our mission.

Innovation is creative thoughts, the foundations of which arise in a person at a young age; we strive to promote the development of these qualities, contributing to the progress and accumulation of intellectual capital in Russia.

Purity of nature and people is the key to the well-being of the country. Russia is our home. Russia is each of us.

Our mission

Our organization for the support of ecology, culture and science calls on all people to take a responsible attitude towards the environment, cultural heritage and the development of science. We strive to create a healthier and more sustainable planet for future generations, preserve and enhance cultural heritage and advance scientific progress.

We believe that everyone can contribute to preserving the environment, whether it is reducing plastic use, saving energy or sorting waste. In addition, we support projects aimed at protecting nature and animals.

We are also convinced that cultural heritage must be preserved and passed on to future generations. Our organization supports projects aimed at preserving and enhancing cultural heritage, including museums, libraries and other cultural institutions.

Finally, we believe that scientific progress is a key factor in the development of society. We support scientific research and projects that can lead to new discoveries and improvements in various areas of life.

We encourage everyone to join our organization and contribute to the preservation of the environment, cultural heritage and the development of science. Together we can make the world a better place for everyone.
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Areas of our activity

Animal care centers

The centers should have both indoor and open enclosures in accordance with the habitat of the animals being kept.

Cooperation with environmentalists

Scientists, animal psychologists and volunteers in the field of nature and fauna protection, aimed both at the environmental and spiritual well-being of society, and at creating conditions close to the natural habitat of animals.

Cooperation with professionals

We care about animal welfare and work with world-class professionals to provide the best possible conditions for animals.

Social work

Working with the public to explain the essence of the trainer profession and its important role in the study of animals

Inclusive project AnimalTherapy

We create conditions for children, regardless of physical limitations, to connect with the healing power of animals. The Science of Animal Therapy promotes the well-being of children with congenital conditions by giving them the spiritual and mental strength to become productive members of society.

Restoration of the natural ecological environment

Assistance in the creation of nurseries for growing rare plants and trees from the Red Book in natural conditions from seeds for further introduction into wildlife.

Our projects

    Our team

    • Ageev Timofey
    • Bazlov Eduard
      Member of the Board - Director of the Department for Relations with Government Authorities and Media
    • Grafova Yana
      Member of the Board - Head of the Legal Service of the NPO "Golden Ratio"
    • Dementyev-Kornilov Andrey
      Chairman of the Board. Director of the show “The Girl and the Elephant”, graduate of GITIS, founder of the “Elephant Park” project, director
    • Israfilov Aydin
      Member of the board - head of commercial and social projects. Artist, screenwriter, director, producer of performing arts. Artistic experience for more than 30 years, is an artist from a circus dynasty
    • Almazova Elena
      Deputy Head of the Department for Relations with Government Authorities
    • Makeeva Olga
      Director of the International Relations Department

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