Haute cuisine at home

Высокая кухня в домашних условиях

How do we conduct our classes for children and their parents?

Founder of the project, member of the board - Grafova Yana

We invite professional chefs from famous Moscow restaurants (for example: Dmitry Tabakov restaurant on Taganka “Rukav”), psychologists, etiquette teachers, animators and we all begin to create gastronomic masterpieces in the kitchen. The presenter talks about the historical content of the dish that we are all preparing together. He explains that haute cuisine sometimes has beautiful names, but in fact everything is simple and accessible to prepare at home.
Do you know what roasted vegetable cancasse or haumonière with wild mushrooms is?

It's simple:

  • Cancasse is a method of cutting vegetables very finely, removing the grains, a term from French cuisine
  • Aumonnière is a pouch, also a French term, that can be made from a pancake.

While we are all preparing a dish together, children learn good manners at the table, learn a lot of new and interesting things, develop motor skills, gain positive experience in communicating with professionals and show business stars, become more open, self-confident, and most importantly, happy.

Project objectives:

  1. Cultural and educational activities
  2. Comfortable socialization of children
  3. Uniting children and parents

Who is this project for:

  1. For Children from large families
  2. For Children from disadvantaged families
  3. For children with special needs

Project goal:

Create a center for active social life for children and parents. Show children and parents that much in our lives is accessible and nearby and everything is much simpler than it would seem.

Special training program for parents

Pedagogical tools for modern parents (how to learn to find a common language with their children).

Long-term plans

  1. Make the “Fine Cuisine at Home” project a monthly project in all Moscow districts.
  2. Create an analog project on TV.


Belova Natalya
Tel.: 89055015522